The skin has a complex, layered structure and is adapted to perform many important physiological functions in the body. Our natural products are based on carefully selected ingredients and the creation of a care profile, the assumption of which is to rebuild, antioxidate, protect and maintain a healthy and radiant skin.

The quality and source of our ingredients defines our products.

Australian extracts
The extracts present in our products are obtained by the non-invasive method of cellular biomimicry, which provides the full profile of the plant. Advanced technology involves the diffusion of phytoactive compounds into a liquid medium that simulates the natural environment of the cell. As a result, the obtained extract is rich in stable vitamins, flavonoids and minerals found in the natural environment of the plant.

Plant oils
Oils present in our products are obtained from cold pressing of seeds or pips. Our source of oils are companies cooperating with research units that explore advanced technologies of obtaining unrefined oils. Borage oil, plum seed oil and other species found in Poland are supplied from local producers. On the other hand, the prickly pear and Cacay nut oil comes from their natural place.

Skin hydration is a complex process and involves many mechanisms. Humectants have the ability to bind water in the stratum corneum and on its surface.
Moisturized skin becomes firmer, taut and elastic, and wrinkles are less visible.

One of the elements of the skin barrier is its microbiome, which influences immunity and maintains healthy skin. In cosmetic products is used a probiotic lysate, which rebuilds the damaged skin barrier and improves hydration.